1.2e connect button problem to turned off rig

Hi all!
I have re-evaluated WFView as I have started to use HamPi for my remote radio access so I don’t know if my problem is related to 1.2e or also previous versions. And I guess this is a bug/problem and not a feature :o)

I use the client server solution to connect to my IC-7300. Remot, at the radio, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with latest HamPi, i.e. WFView 1.2e, installed and connected to my radio. Locally I run WFView 1.2e on my Windows 10 PC.
My problem is that when I push the connect button on my local instance nothing happens. Is still says “Connect” on the button.
If I however push “Power On” after this the “View” screen of the program the radio starts and the “Connect” button turns to “Disconnect”.

If I don’t push the “Connect” prior to pushing “Power On” nothing happens so my guess is that my effort to connect actually do connect the client to the server but the GUI don’t let me know.
If the radio is already powered on the button is already showing “Disconnect” when restarting the program on my Windows PC. If I power off my radio using the “Power off” button the connect button still shows “Disconnect” so the state seam not intentionally be related to the radio power status.

Is this a feature or a bug? It is counter intuitive and confusing if you ask me.

Regardless of this I have realized the WFView program has matured a lot since I last tried it out so this will be my no one choice from now on, with or without this annoying feature :o)
I only eagerly wait for a working straight key CW solution so I can ditch my own home-brew android solution for that.

Hi Bjorn.

Yes it is working as designed, I agree that it is a bit counter-intuitive but if the remote radio is switched-off, the user interface has no way of knowing that there is actually a radio connected until it is switched-on.

This is because all UI updates happen as the result of CI-V messages and the radio doesn’t emit CI-V until it is switched-on. We are looking at a number of solutions to this as we realise that it isn’t ideal.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thank you for the explanation. This makes it a bit less counter intuitive when using :o)
Keep up the good work!
Björn, SM0SBL