9700 band change

Hi, just checking it’s not me (has been known) and it’s a work in progress.
setup : 9700, with 2m as primary band (‘lit’ and top of 9700 display).
action: attempt to change band to 70cm from wfView/Band/click 70cm
result: band stays set to 2m but mode changes from FM to USB.
Changing bands via the 9700 itself works ok and the new freq appears in wfView
additional: band ID is blank on startup or not displaying correct band when changed from 9700.

thanks for the report. Missed this one I guess. OOPS!

anyways; can you update to release or nwer if available and report back when you disable the second RX?

It’s known that dual RX may cause issues as we haven’t implemented control of both receivers yet.

Above also can happen on a 7610, 785x, any dual rx rig in fact.

Hi Dave,

If you disable “main/sub” and just use one band and one VFO, does the band select button work (it is here)?


de W6EL