9700 Power on/off

Can not get my 9700 to power on or off using the buttons in settings but can get it to go into standby
mode and to power up from there.
It is LAN connected and CIV is set to on.

Dave, G8PGO

Hi Dave welcome to the group,

The on/off buttons can only put the rig into standby (amber LED on power button) as once it is powered-off, the network is turned-off as well!

This works fine from wfview on my 9700 so I suspect there must be another setting on the rig?



Hi Phil

Yes that bit works ok.

There is a wake on LAN function in the 9700 like some of the other modern radios

and was expecting wfview to work that way as well.

HRD for instance does wake the 705, 9700 and the 101D from cold.

Would be good in wfview as well.

Dave, G8PGO

Hi Dave.

There is a wake on USB function as the USB port is always connected (even when the radio is switched off). I don’t believe that any of the Icom rigs support WoL (magic packet) as the network stack is effectively switched-off when the radio is off (not in standby)



Just as a follow-up, if wfview is connected to the rig using USB (like HRD is) then the on/off buttons will work the same as they do in HRD :slight_smile:

if in USB mode a large number of 0xFE’s are sent and that wakes up teh USB stuff. If you are running over ethernet (wifi also is…) you must have the rig config’d to be in STBY mode.