About FLrig

About the FLRig …
My current setup has FLrig as a frontend. The rest of the software connects to this frontend, but FLRig and WFview can’t work simultaneously, or I don’t get it successful enough.

If I put the WFview connected to the radio (IC7300) via USB, and connect the flrig to the virtual port, the operation is very unstable, and slow. Behind FLrig, I have CQRLOG and digital data programs, and they work very hard.

If I put the FLRig first I don’t see how I can connect the WFview. FLrig uses XLMRCP to communicate with other programs, but WFview does not. With Rigctrl I don’t know how to play, and I think flrig doesn’t know how to connect to it.
A little confused.
I understand that the ideal setup would be:
TXRX <–> WFview <–> FLRig <–> Other software.
but I don’t see how to communicate it with good functionality.

Some idea?

Hi Jordi.

The problem is generally flrig polls too much information too frequently and overwhelms the IC7300 when connected via wfview. As many of the functions provided by flrig are also provided by wfview, I question whether you need flrig at all? There is also the option of grig if you need basic rig control (which will connect over rigctld)

I would recommend running wfview and then connect any other software via rigctld. This has the benefit of caching the rig state so the IC7300 isn’t going to get overwhelmed. CQRLog, Fldigi, wsjt-x and many others can connect to rigctld (I haven’t tested CQRLog with the wfview rigctld though)

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil
If, at the time the bulk of the functions that FLrig reads can be used in wfview, it will obviously not be necessary to use flrig.
Right now, if I want to access parameters like NR, NB, Notch … remotely, I have no choice but to use FLrig.
I imagine that these configurations will soon be accessible, and then FLrig will be dispensed with.
Then I will try to connect CQRLOG via rigctl to vwfview, it should not be difficult.


Hi Jordi,

You might find some of those functions in grig as well. (Both are great programs, and you may find one is better than the other in your case.)

I hope we can catch up with the features soon. I too want more controls, especially what you mentioned.

de W6EL