AF Gain control - it works differently 7610vs705

I immediately clarify that the two radios are connected differently:
Icom IC 7610 via CAT / USB
Icom IC 705 via WiFi
the AF volume control behaves differently, for the 7610 it increases the audio volume of the RIG while from the PC I have no sounds, for the 705 the slide AF only adjusts the volume from the PC speakers (that of the RIG does not change). Given that what happens with the 705 is the one I prefer (adjust only the volume of the PC speaker) what am I wrong?

Hi Max.

Yes that was a design decision that we made as if you are connected via USB then you are most-likely near the rig so it made sense to use the audio directly and to control the AF gain. For a LAN connection, you could be literally anywhere so we decided to change the PC volume instead of altering the AF gain of the rig. This is something that we could potentially make an option though.

73 Phil M0VSE

OK perfect. Phil, thanks for the explanation.
I find the choice of adjusting only the audio of the PC better, but, I agree with you, I think it is a choice to be left to the user.

I also think that you folks are doing a great job with this! I’m using it with my 7300 and am very impressed. I also vote for an option to select either Rig or PC volume control, as I mostly listen to my 7300 via its audio output on USB into my PC. Only when I’m using my headset do I use the Rig volume control, otherwise I use Windows Mixer for volume control. The output from my PC goes to a small 9 watt amp and a pair of small bookshelf speakers that I use for both radio and PC sound.