Allow window size to be smaller and remember size.

It is really nice to be able to see the spectrum & waterfall of my IC-7300 the screen with my Raspberry Pi 4B. The improvements 1.42 are really nice.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make the window retain the size and position set.

Currentlty, If I use the Settings tab, the window size inceases and cannot be made smaller horizontally. It also returns to full size (original size) every time the program is started. Once he program is restarted, it can be sized horiontally again.

Thanks for the great software.
Carl - WC4H

Hi Carl,

It’s great to have your feedback with 1.42 on a Pi. Really good to know that this configuration is working. How much ram do you have on the Pi?

With regards to the window size, this is a known bug and it has to do with the length of the string we are throwing into some of the combo boxes (drop down menus) used to select the audio device. The fix is to declare a fixed size for the box and we just haven’t got around to it yet.

I think @roeland has an issue opened for it on gitlab.

Stay tuned, we’ll get to it,

de W6EL

Hi Elliott.

Glad to know that you are working on that.

My RPi4B has 8GB of RAM. I actually have 3 of them.

I just upgraded Wfview to 1.42 last night and was pleasantly surprised with the updates.

Looks really good on the screen.

A while back I had tested it with the RPi4B as the server and my Windows PC as the Client. I almost worked 100% but there were some issues with the Windows PC sound card selection. Then I reversed the server/client.

I’ll try it again with this upgrade and report back.

Thanks again.
Carl - WC4H

this is fixed in master v1.43 now

Thanks Roeland. Do I just run the install script again?

Carl - WC4H

Nevermind. I reinstalled and it’s working.
Thanks for the fix on the window size.

Carl - WC4H

you should thank @eliggett though :wink:

yes, run fine now
thanks a lot

Tested on Ubuntu computer.