Any plans for Qt6 to support Apple Silicon?

Hi, just curious if support for Qt6 is somewhere on the roadmap as it is the way to go with Apple Silicon (ergo, all the new Mac’s coming out lately)? With the release of Qt6.2 LTS support for M1 chips is now official as stated in Qt 6.2 LTS Released.

BTW, great piece of software. I quickly tested it on a Pi 4 with Debian and it works ‘out of the box’.

Hi Ron,

I believe Phil has tested with qt6 and it does work, however, some of the libraries we depend upon had to be recompiled because they were not available in most repos yet with qt6 support.

I’m really glad it is working for you, especially out of the box, that’s pretty cool.

wfview will be in the official debian repositories soon by the way! I don’t know exactly how to add an “unstable” package repo to a normal debian-based system, but I’m sure it’ll work its way into stable eventually.

de W6EL

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Hi Ron.

Yes but unfortunately one of the key libraries that we use (qcustomplot) doesn’t officially support QT6.2 yet. As soon as it does, I have already made all of the required changes to the wfview code (as a number of QT features have significantly changed)

Having said that, we use a custom build of QT5 to produce the MacOS releases of wfview (which contains both M1 and Intel code).

73 Phil M0VSE

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Thanks for the clarification. Looks like it’s almost there - as soon as the qcustomplot library maintainers provide an updated version, that is. I’l be (im)patiently waiting for to it… :grin:

That’s great as it means we don’t have to compile it anymore.

/Ron PA7CT

there is no need to compile yourself as the binaries are generally cross platform anyways Ron.