Applications other than WSJT-X with WFview?

Any plans to add other capabilities , such as CW control, via WFview ? It would be nice to operate CW on my LAN without the offcial Icom software.

Andy K3UK

Hi Andy,

We are looking at some different ways to implement CW. It’s a strong desire but it is a bit complicated.

Stay tuned, we’ll get there.

de W6EL

the issue here is (and that’s why RSBA1 does not support it either currently): latency and the danger of missing commands.

If you miss a command you will send a state TX on causing to send a dash, possibly a dash that ends when the TX timeout occurs on the rig. If it’s in the middle of a CW conversation you will have a botched CW message sent; in the latter event you will hav a blocked TRX unless the timeout occurs locally OR you switch yourself. None of them is something you would like.

The idea now is to create the message local and have the rig send it via the dedicated CW sending
commands. It is ok for a contest but for ragchewing you will have the issue that the size of the message is limited.

Now, people could argue that N1MM+ (and others) do this well but they all have a direct connection to the rig and use RTS or DTR to toggle. USB connections, while inherently have jitter, can do this pretty well but remote, over the air is a much different thing.

The message size is something we might be able to work around but also would make stuff complicated.

Further is the question – how would you send the text? Best and least comlicated way is by using the keyboard. If we have a paddle (or worse a straight key) we would need to ddecode the CW locally, send up the message buffer(s) and have the rig send it.

And the last point: not all rigs support sending messages in CW via CIV by sending the characters instad of the dits and dashes.

The RX part is easy though… your ears.

hoe this gives some insight on why CW is not easy.

Thanks for the info. My hope would be to start simply with the capability to use the 705 on my home WifI network and trigger any of the 705/s 8 CW message memories . I’m not expecting to be able to use a SK or paddles at this point. I will be visiting a ham with RS-BA1 V2 today and will get a chance to see what it can do with CW and a 705’s CW memories . It is nice to know that CW is at least being thought about at WFview.
Andy K3UK

C-V does support this on the 705 and some others lik eth e7610, 785x:

read the contents of the memories
set the content of the memories

but not: trigger a TX from the memories. so in order to do this we actually need to read the contents, save it locally and when you “push” the virtual M1…8 keys, the whole buffered message we read upfront
needs o be put in a cw tx buffer and via CI-V called to “send” that buffer.

it’s a bit cumbersome but at some point possible. It also wuld be intereting to have the repeat function / timing avalable in FWview for that.

I may have misunderstood some of the comments in this thread but I was able to use RS-BA1 V2 connected via WiFI to an Icom 705 and successfully get the 705 to transmit CW that was programmed in to the 705’s “CW Keyer”. So, at least the Icom software does this. Hopefully down the road WFview will be able to do it.
Andy K3UK

AND is transmits CW as I type on my laptop’s keyboard.

RSBA1 does partly what we proposed, yes – except for getting the m1/m8 and fill local buffers to be sent via ci-v command.

In other words RSBA1 and wfview in the future, send the characters to the rigs that support CW text transmission. And to make things again clear – you send “A” to the rig and the rig knows it needs to use the settings (speed, dit/dash ration etc) and sends a dit and a dash.

Other solutions that people generally use like n1mm rely in toggling the cw carrier remotely. So what RSBA1 does is the only reliable way to do CW.

I don’t have a list at hand of rigs that have the CI-V command implemented to send CW this way but the 705 (9700?) 785x and 7610 do.

Thanks for the clarification.

Andy K3UK