Audio in and out options all duplicated

Running the 18 May test build on Windws 10 Pro, both the audio input and output lists are doubled up. Is this a known ‘feature’ or a quirk of my machine?!


Hi Martin.

This is a consequence of the Qt library that handles audio for wfview. It supports two types of audio drivers on Windows and displays them both. I can probably filter this more so only the ‘preferred’ version is displayed.

73 Phil M0VSE

OK, known issue. Does it matter which one I choose?



That’s a very good question!

In theory, the WASAPI device ‘should’ be better but you have no way of knowing which is which! I will try to hide the detected Windows Multimedia devices as they are considered obsolete.

73 Phil

Has this “undocumented feature” come back in recent versions? I’m seeing it on wfview-master-20220117–03-00-01 (and also 1.2d). See attached.


Pretty sure it never went away? It is a QT issue that we have very little control over.

It shouldn’t really matter which one you choose.

73 Phil