Audio input from a Zoom Meeting


I’m teaching a Scouts BSA Radio Meritbage class over Zoom.

To pass the Scouts I need to try to enable a QSO. Can the Audio from zoom be routed to the 7300 via Wfview?


I could experiment but the radio is not currently set up its a portable kit I got via BSA from Icom’s trade show division

73 Joe AE6VX

what’s the OS you use?

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WIN10 and macOS Big Sur

Mac OS - but I can also Use Linux or… Windows - I was using a MacBook so I wanted to use the native OS

If it is MacOS connected directly to the IC7300 via USB then there is no need for wfview to have any involvement with the audio, you can simply select the IC7300 USB audio input/output as your default audio devices within zoom.

If you are using the wfview server and a remote client then you will need to use a virtual audio cable like VB-Audio Virtual Apps you then select the virtual cable/sound card as the audio input in wfview and select the same device as the output in zoom.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks I will try that now