Audio RX snippet for later TX

I do not know why but completely lacking in the 7300
it is quite often that people want to hear how they sound at your end
20 -30 seconds max of store and forward would be super with a little button to push to fill the store and another to TX the store. I would envisage the store being emptied after TX

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I know why ICOM does not have that – it’s because the TX chain will modify the received parts so it does not sound how you received it. (you can distinct TX memories for any rig already by listening to it when it’s being used).

The only good way to fix that is to extract the file(s) that were recorded and mail them to the people who asked for it.

And then again: even that is filtered.

If you pass “kick ass audio” through the 1.2 kHz roofing filter, you can conclude two things:

the roofing filter works good
it sounds really bad

Also, 3.6 kHz vs 2.4 kHz on SSB in the rx chain makes a huge difference.