Authentication Oddities

I have a single user account configured in WFView server. My WFView client does not have any authentication information entered in the settings tab (username and password are blank).

That being said, the client still connects to the server and has “Full User” rights (transmit, etc.).

I’ve looked in the ~/.config/wfview/wfview.conf file on the server and there is a username defined with a password set.

I’m guessing this isn’t expected behavior?

Any ideas as to what might be happening here?

Hi Dave,

That does seem odd… can you check the configuration file on the client to see if somehow there are authentication details in the file?

Or did we break the auth? I’ll go check on my system too.

de W6EL

Hi… The client is a Windows 10 wks and I just confirmed the username and password fields in the registry are blank.

Hi Dave,

We’ll definitely look into it. What radio are you serving from? I’ll see if I can replicate the setup here.

de W6EL

Hi both,

I suspect that I know what is causing this. You will most likely have a blank entry in the server setup which is then being compared to the blank username/password in your client. The server doesn’t currently check for blank entries but one is created automatically so there will almost certainly be one. I will fix this before the full release of 1.1.

73 Phil M0VSE

The radio is a 7300.

Regarding blank entries in the server setup, you may be on to something, but… When I look in the Server Setup there aren’t any blank entries; only the one with a username and password. That being said, when I look in the config file, there are blank entries for ServerPassword and ServerUserName. I’ll manually edit those later, restest, and post results.

Hi Dave.

I have verified that this is indeed the issue and a fix is in the v1.1 Release which we are building at the moment.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks… It looks like manually deleting the entries for Server 2 and Server 3 has broken the server capability. My client can no longer connect, regardless of whether I require a password. I guess I’ll look at installing 1.1 and see if that gets things working again.

Hi Dave, if you manually deleted the entries, you must also update ServerNumUsers. If this still doesn’t work, you may need to delete the whole server section from your configuration. It will be re-created once you save wfview configuration again.

73 Phil