Band Stacking quit working

I have been enjoying wfview most of the day today since I downloaded it, and I especially liked the band stacking feature, just like my 7300 does. Then, about an hour ago, I went from 40m to 20m and noticed that it stayed in LSB. No problem, it is a test release and will have some glitches, so I set it to USB, tuned around, and returned to 40m, but not the frequency I left, it returned to 7.151999.
I verified that band stack selection was set to ‘1 - Latest Used’, but I thought when I first saw that dropdown, it said ‘0 - Latest Used’, but that selection was not available, so I thought I would look in the preferences file, but being on Windows, it seems that those things are kept in the registry! I found the key and browsed the registry but couldn’t find anything that seemed relevant. What it seems to be doing when I select another band is keeping the mode (USB, LSB) and changing to a default frequency in the selected band.

Thought you should know.


Hi Dave,

Hmm, that is a puzzler. You’re right to assume that the intended behavior is to recall the frequency and band with the BSR – just like the radio. You mentioned “Just like my 7300”, does this mean you’re running it with a 7300? (I assume so, but want to check because a few rigs have some BSR differences)

When you returned to 40m, was it close to the frequency you left from? Did the mode recall correctly?

de W6EL

Yes, but the the mode was incorrect. Sometimes it is down 1Hz in frequency when I change bands (from 14.275 to 14.274999).
I am running it with the 7300 and I also tried setting the CIV Baud Rate to 19200 instead of Auto and no change in behavior.

The frequency issue we can fix, I know what that is. As for mode, not sure, but I have a 7300 so I’ll play around with it.

The baud rate definitely must be 115200 for the USB Serial setting. Any other baud rate will cause the waterfall not to send. (There are two baud rate settings in the radio, I think one gets set to “auto”).


de W6EL

I left the USB baud rate at 115200 - it was the CIV baud rate that I altered and it made no difference. It seems to be writing incorrectly to the 7300 when it saves the current band/settings before it changes bands, because if I change bands a couple of times with wfview and then go to the 7300 and do the same, the incorrect mode is stored in the 7300.
The curious thing is that this seemed to be working most of the day. Maybe I imagined that.