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Good Morning,
I’m trying to get JS8Call working with WFview.
IC705 with WLAN running as a network.
Win 10 PC connecting to 705 via wifi
Using com0com signed and VB Cable
Looks like I have basic control with WFview sorted but I can’t get JS8Call to have anything to do with it.
I have my virtual ports created and linked (CNCA1 on WFVIEW, CNCB1 on JS8) and my VB cables loaded up. PTT is set to CAT.
Hamlib Error: communication timed out while opening connection to rig.
I would suspect baud rate if this was a USB connection but I don’t see anyplace to edit that in com0com or WFView.

I don’t know if js8call supports hamlibs rigctld – try that one?

The use of serial ports – it works – is generally not recommended. (Not even w/o wfview)

JS8Call does not support IC-705.
Does not work with FLRIGFLRIG.
It is better to change the CI-V address of IC-705.


but does it support netrigctl? e.g. rigctld? In that case there is no need to change the CI-V address at all.
(as it’s being taken care of at the remote’s end for translation)

Hi Nakao,

If you can manually set the radio type in JS8Call to another supported Icom model it may work. Icom radios have such similar commands. wfview does not care what CI-V address you use, so long as “CI-V Transceive” is turned on, wfview will find the radio (or you could manually specify it, if needed).

de W6EL