Bug: CAT commands get lost

I’ve run into an issue with WFVIEW and WSJT-X. It seems like sometimes the CAT commands sent to the rig get lost. This happens most when WSJT-X is transmitting. It sets the TX frequency to the center of the TX passband so most of the time it will adjust the frequency a little bit. That happens both with WSJT-X is in rig split mode and it fake split mode. In either case the frequency is adjusted and within the 6 minute transmit cycle the frequency will not be reset on TX-RX at least once, moving the RX out of the passband and most stations will disappear. The same happens with the switch from TX to RX. Sometimes that hangs too and the TRX will be stuck in TX without audio applied. WSJT-X will think it’s on RX though.
This happens on Ubuntu 22.04, 23.04 and 23.10 with a IC-7300 but I’ve read some other bug reports that sound similar where it didn’t happen.
It did not happen with the initial version 1.0 of WFView that I used for a long time because of that bug. Now that I upgraded to 23.04 the old version does no longer work due to a missing library.
I’m using the rigctld interface. With 1.0 I used the rig-pty interface but that stopped working somehow.

I’ve read a few older bug reports and it seems like they refer to the same issue.

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Yes this is a well known issue that has come-up numerous times. You can try reducing the poll frequency within wfview, this should mitigate the issue, but won’t solve it completely.

Unfortunately, nothing short of completely re-writing a large part of the rigctld within wfview will solve the issue, which is what I am currently doing, but other commitments are taking priority at the moment, so I don’t have a timescale.

73 Phil

Hi @phil ,

Thank you for your reply. I am having same issue here with W10 and JTDX. When you mentioned reducing the poll frequency, were you referring to the “Manual Polling Interval” parameter?

What is the appropriate value to mitigate it?


Phew! I thought I was going crazy. I’m expecting this on my ic-7300 an ic-705. Thnx