Bug in Versino 1.5, No Split and Duplex-Mode

Hi there,
there is a big bug in the actual version 1.5. There is no split-activity possible. The -button to click +Duplex or -Duplex has no function. And a split-function is not included.
Is there any chance to get it?

It isn’t a bug as such, split/duplex mode operation has not been implemented in wfview yet.


Hi Phil

So please, implemet it. It is very important for Repeater-Mode.
But with the Info of an bug I mean, please check the Repeater-button.
If you klick at -Duplex or +Duplex, it has no reaction. Its switchs in a failure-function back tu Simplex-Mode.
Can You explain it?


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Could you maybe tell us what radio you are using? We can’t help you without some more information.

generally dup+ and dup- just follow what the rig is programmed for on that particukar band? I have used the 705 and 9700 on repeaters. so puzzled what the issue is

Sorry I forgot this to tell. I am using a IC-7300. And yes, the bands are programmed with a shift.
In this case I want to use 10m-band-repeaters an 29.690, the repeater here in Hamburg.

Perhaps, but not with the 7300!
In the repeater-menu, if you choose -Dup or +Dup it jumps back to “simplex”.
Would it be possible to transmit the pushing-command for the Skip-button?
I think this is a very important command.


I know. It’s in the ticket where I describe the jumping back to simplex and that is because the 705 and 9700 have duplex settings; the 7300 and 7851 have split settings. Hence we need to fix this. There is a bug/enhancement raised for that.