Cannot enter Network values on first startup

Here is a bug written as I used to do as a software QA engineer

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install wfview from scratch
  2. Start wfview
  3. Go to the Settings tab, verify that Connect Over LAN is selected by default
  4. Click in the Radio IP Address field

Actual behavior:
Nothing happens (field is locked or grayed out)

Expected behavior:
The field will be active and accept typed characters

Click the Connect Over USB selection, then click Connect Over LAN, then the field becomes enabled

Hi Al,

From one software professional to another:

attempt to reproduce:

  1. Did fresh compile from source of wfview Release 1 on blank linux Mint 19.2 virtual machine.
  2. Started wfview using mint-menu start icon
  3. Pressed Settings tab
  4. Noticed that “Connect over USB (serial)” is selected by default, and that Radio IP address field is inoperable, which made sense.

additional steps:

  1. Pressed “Connect over LAN”
  2. Observed “Radio IP Address” field became enabled, and accepted typed characters

Could not reproduce. User does not specify operating system, software version, or method of install. Unable to confirm, possibly due to lack of detail.

Ask user for further details on operating system, wfview software version, and method of install. Find out if any USB radios were attached or other relevant hardware.

Hi Elliott, that’s what happens because I retired a year ago, I forgot how to write a bug, sorry. I’m using Win 10 Pro on a desktop PC and Win 10 Home on a laptop PC and experienced the same reported behavior on both PCs. I’m installing version 1.0 from the downloaded Windows Zip file. I do have an IC-7610 connected to the desktop PC but don’t remember whether it was powered on at the time. Can I provide any additional info?

Al, K7AR

Hi Al,

It’s all good, I’ll see if one of our windows developers can check it out.

I enjoyed this too much :-).

Take care,

de W6EL