Can't Get Connected

No connection to radio, Win10 and IC7300

I did read the Getting Started and have tried all combinations available for USB.

I may be missing somthing but the radio/computer setup works fine for a range of programs including WSJTX, FL-Digi and FreeDV.

On thing confusing form the user manual getting started section is the CV-I USB Port setting on the radio. On my 7300, it can either be Unlink from [REMOTE] or Link to [REMOTE]. A long press brings up a menu with DEFAULT as the only choice. The used manual seems to say the setting should be TRUE. Neither setting works for me.

For serial port access radios (IC-7300 and basically any radio connected with USB or with a serial port), you will need to set the CI-V “Unlink from [REMOTE] ” to (SET > Connectors > CI-V) true . Next, set the “CI-V USB Baud Rate” to 115200 (required for spectrum access). Finally, enable the “CI-V Transceive ” option, which provides wfview with a telemetry stream from the radio.
End Quite:

Any Suggestions?



Hi Bob,

Try these directions, see if it helps:

What you’re trying is a well-testes method, it should work ok.

de W6EL

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I verified all the radio settings in the slides. The application still will not find the radio. Still works with other apps.

OK, got it to work by selecting COM4 rather than auto, Thanks!