Cant set up v1.5 with IC-7610

Im running Windows 11. Downloaded and tried to install wfview but I get an error message: Cannot start C:Radio\WFview\vc_redist.x86.exe/passive/norestart: Process failed to start. The system cannot find the file specified.
I’ve been told to start the ‘redist’ manually. It says I have another version of this product already installed and fails.
In ‘Settings’ Radio Status I am unable to define the radio (IC-7610) as there are no options - it is completely blank.
Having to start a new topic as only allowed one reply per topic!

If wfview is opening at all then you can safely ignore the warning.

Not sure what you mean by define the radio? Have you looked at the manual? User Manual | wfview

Everything is auto-detected, you don’t need to define anything, just enter the IP address, username/password and Connect. You are always best to have C-IV transceive enabled in the radio itself and leave C-IV address at auto.

Many thanks. A reboot sorted it. I suspect the COM port didn’t close properly from earlier software use.
Now to get it working over the LAN.