Chute d'eau (waterfall)

Bonjour a tous 73
Je viens d’installer le logiciel WFVIEW . Impossible d’avoir la chute d’eau a l’écran mon transceiver et un IC-7300.
Si quelqu’un a une idée je suis preneur.

translated (roeland)

Hello everyone 73
I just installed the WFVIEW software. Can’t get the waterfall on screen my transceiver and an IC-7300.
If anyone has an idea, I’m into it.

Hi Cyrille,

Please try these directions for starters:

Let us know what happens,

de W6EL

Bonjour a tous
J’ai donc repris toute la configuration de l IC-7300 en suivant votre document.
Tout fonctionne a merveille je suis super content.
Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien rapide et efficace.
Votre logiciel est vraiment super
Encore merci
73 Cyrille F4IMX

translated: (roeland)

Hello everyone
So I went over all the configuration of the IC-7300 by following your document.
Everything works wonderfully I’m super happy.
Thank you very much for your quick and efficient support.
Your software is really great
Thanks again
73 Cyrille F4IM

Cyrille, that’s good to hear. Note that the language is English and not French :wink:

(Cyrille, ça fait plaisir à entendre. Notez que la langue est l’anglais et non le français ;-))

Hi Cyrille,

Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad it worked out for you. Let us know if you have any more questions,

de W6EL

Hi everyone,

just found wfview and installed it.
Want to drive my IC-7300 with this and followed all the here given setup-instructions.
wfview works to drive my IC-7300 via USB, except the waterfall.
All buttons are working, but i can not see any waterfall/spectrum on the computers screen.
( yes, the button “enable WF” is set :-))

Using Win10, wfview 1.1, IC-7300 firmware 1.41

Any idea ?
vy 73 de Mat, DL9YEB

Hi Mat,

It’s probably the baud rate, the 7300 will not emit waterfall data if it is linked to the slower remote port and/or set to a baud rate other than 115200.

Here are some directions you may find useful:
IC-7300 Setup

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

thanks for the fast reply !

Good news: wfview is working now.

I did all setups according the given instructions, but i did not realize that i have to exit and restart wfview after each setting change.
Is that the right behaviour, or are there some handlings mistakes on my side ?

Nevertheless, finally it works. Bit slow via USB, but looks very nice on my big screen :slight_smile:

Thanks to you and the whole team for your work !
Looking forward the coming releases.

vy 73 de Mat, DL9YEB

Hi Mat,

I’m glad it’s working for you. I wish the spectrum were faster, but Icom makes it slow so that there is a lot of margin against any potential serial traffic.

Some settings do not need restart; you can just press Disconnect and then Connect again. But it’s nice to hit Save Settings and re-launch, this confirms that you’ll get that same result each time you launch.


de W6EL