Clarification on new install procedure of updates

Not a Linux expert and I cant quit figure where to do these commands:

download the tar.gz file here: Linux Test Build (2021-05-18) | wfview

tar zxvf latest.tar.gz (it unpacks in ./dist)
cd dist
sudo ./

Crashed the build cause I did it wrong…DOH!


Hi Allen,

I too was unable to run the directions as-is. There’s a typo, the filename in the ‘tar’ command should be wfview-linux.tar.gz. We’ll get that fixed up for you. I had some issues trying to follow the directions on my system beyond this one though, so I will take a careful look into how to better streamline this process. In particular, some of the other steps that involve libraries seem to have slightly different names on my system.



fixed the typo. also changed so that the three lines copy/paste w/o comment