Client not working Win11, IC-7300

Hi all,

Im brand new here.
I setup 1.2e Server PC (Win 11 enterprise) and Client Laptop Win 11 home and an other one Win 11 pro.
I´ve made all thinks I read.
The IC-7300 are ready worked with Icom RS-BA1 in the past and all settings are fine. But some trouble with PC and Web Provider and so on, RS-BA1 is not longer working fine with me.

WFview works fine at the Server PC! Waterfall, frequencies = all fine!

At both Client Laptop I see connected to IC-7300 (right corner below), but Waterfall, Frequency, etc is blanc? Radio Status List is also blanc?

I used the external Web ID and the local Web ID. Both the same. WFview see the IC-7300 but no remote is possible?

vy 73 de Mike DG5LAC

the “rsba1 no longer working fine” triggers me. Was this at the point when you started using w11?

Also: puzzled what you mean with external Web ID and local Web ID.
Did you use the right ports? Does it work on the local LAN?
Is your radio server setting in the software enabled? So many questions… :wink:

Hi Mike,

Can you make sure that CI-V Transceive is ON, and that both options in “CI-V and Model” in wfview’s Radio Access Settings are unchecked? These options, misconfigured, can cause a sort of “partial” connection.

Have you enabled the Radio Server for sure? Make certain that you have configured it and that a valid user and password were defined. It may be useful to close out wfview server and re-open it to verify that these configurations did indeed take hold.

But perhaps you may need to check that nothing such as a firewall is preventing the connection on the ports (50001, 50002, and 50003 by default). And of course, make sure you have the hostname or ip address entered in correctly at the client.

Lastly, there is a log file that you may need to look at on both the client and server sides, here are the directions:

Let us know,

de W6EL