Client Setup

Now I’m entering an area where my knowledge is zero, maybe less than that…

specify the radio IP address as the computer’s ip address running the wfview server

Doesn’t it need to know my host’s router’s IP address first, plus my computer’s address within his little home network? I suspect that’s what Port Forwarding is about, but I don’t know. Wikipedia’s description of port forwarding was written for network admins, not aging civilians.

Final question (for this morning :wink:): When I want to connect to my host computer, does wfview server need to be running already? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to leave it running all the time…

Thanks again,


Hi Ken.

Sorry I didn’t know whether you had a VPN (virtual private network) to the remote site or not, but yes if using port forwarding, you put in the IP address of the remote router.

Port forwarding is usually fairly easy to configure in most routers, you just need to forward UDP ports 50001-50003 to the address of your PC that will be running wfview as a server.

There should be no issue leaving wfview running 24/7 as yes it would need to be running. Eventually we will have a server only version that can sit running in the background.

73 Phil

Hi Ken,

What is the make/model of your router? I went on to and did a search for “linksys port forwarding” (as an example) and I saw some good screenshots that show how to do this. Maybe try that with the model of your router?

As Phil said, you need to know the IP address of your radio (or the ip address of the computer running the wfview server). If you’re using the default UDP ports (50001,50002,50003), then those are the ports which should be specified in the router to forward.

Good luck – you’re right about the wikipedia page,

de W6EL

Hi Phil,

Just got into my host’s router in VE3. Unfortunately, his ISP made some changes that requires him to log on to his ISP’s website to do port forwarding! I e-mailed my host about this and am waiting to hear back.

In the mean time, when it comes to setting up the forwarding I assume I would just forward those three ports to my computer’s IPv4 address? (I recorded the IPv4, IPv6, Local Link IPv6 and a MAC addresses for the computer).

Thanks again,


Hi Elliott,

I’m afraid I don’t know. It’s a router that my host’s ISP gave him. It only had one or two ports on it so I had to buy an 4 port switch just to add my computer to the network.

As I mentioned to Phil, the ISP made it impossible to forward ports within the router. It was easy before. Now you have to log on the the ISP’s website to do this! GGrrrr!