Connect over lan -- audio, but no control

I have set up a wfview server on a Raspberry PI, connected to an IC-7300, running fine. Installed WFview on a Windows 10 Laptop: Audio is ok, no waterfall, no control-buttons could be used, freq is not adjustable, no β€œIC-7300” lable in right bottom corner. What is going wrong? Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
Suitbert, DF2PI

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Hi Suitbert,

Do you have CI-V Transceive enabled on the radio? Please check and make sure it is enabled, we use that feature to identify the radio.

Otherwise, check the log file and see if there is anything useful. You may want to check both windows and linux logs.

Let us know what you see,

de W6EL

Hello Elliott,
thanks for your hint! The CI-V Transceive had not been enabled! My fault.
Now it is up and running! Goog luck.
Suitbert, DF2PI