Connection fails now

well, after nearly a week of connecting with no problem, something happened…I can connect, the lower left displays the packets, but the radio name is no longer displayed, and nothing comes up in the View tab…2 different pcs, so something must have happened on the server/radio end? I know I’m connecting , because if I purposely change to an incorrect user name or password, or different ip address I see a connection fail message…radio is a 7610…what am I missing?

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Hi Jamie,

Check the radio and see if CI-V Transceive is still on.


de W6EL

yes, that was it…not sure how it got switched off…

Hi Jamie.

If you connected directly to the rig (via USB) with any other software that uses Hamlib (WSJT-X etc.) the first thing it does is disable CI-V transceive mode.

Elliott has added an option in the test branch to allow users to manually enter the CI-V address of the radio in the settings page to mitigate the issue. This fix, along with various others will make it into a new test build soon :blush:

73 Phil M0VSE