Connection Issues

I still can’t connect to my server?
Below are pictures of Client

Below are server settings.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for help….

the 6th image shows no connection and the 11th does.

that’s confusing. In order to get things working you need to break up the stuff into workable parts.

First you need to be able to connect your 7300 via USB to a local “server” that acts as the machine that can be accessed from outside . Also be sure you are using the right audio devices connected to the 7300; that means it shoudl show the codecs of the 7300 for both audio in and out…

If that works, you can locally on that server change frequency. you can listen to the radio there and the functions there should work.

If you have that part right (as seen in the pictures it shows that you partially have that working), we can talk about why you cannot connect on the client computer to that particular server.

Now. it’s just a large number of pictures where it’s hard to understand what is what.

The first two images are duplicates, I was trying to show what happens when trying to connect to server. The bottom left of image shows the client trying to connect using “user- supplied radio CI-V address of 0x94. So I have some setting wrong and I’m not sure what? The server radio works fine when I’m at the server and radio(all functions work) the problem is the client laptop will not connect server. I was just trying to show all the screens for both the server and the client in hopes that someone more knowledgeable than me could see the problem.

Hi Terry.

The log files from both client and server are probably more useful as these will tell us exactly what is happening.

Likely causes are some other software is already listening on UDP ports 50001/2/3 on the server or you have a firewall that is blocking access.

73 Phil M0VSE


Where do I find the log files? I see the installation log, is that what I need to send?

Sorry I thought I had pasted the link, it’s in the user manual Log file | wfview


Phil, I know y’all must think I’m a pest! I can get the logs to display on screen, however I don’t know how to save to a file that I can send to you?

Maybe the pictures will show my problem?

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Have you had a chance to look at these pictures of log files? I didn’t know how to save the log files so I just sent screen shots.