Connection to remote Wfview lost

I can no longer can connect to my remote Wfview. Connection through VNC is OK. From one day to the other the Wfview just stopped connecting to the remote. I have checked all options, deleted the software, deleted all registry keys and started from scratch. But to no end. I interpret the attached logfile as I do have a network connection. But it cannot find the radio. I have restarted the computer on the server side and Wfview on the server side runs fine.

Answering myself.
I’m blushing…Of course I can’t connect through the remote IP when I’m physically at the remote QTH. I need to call for that computers IP within the LAN.
Sorry for taking up the bandwidth…

Uffe, maybe try Tailscale to get it working :sweat_smile:

I just tried Tailscale from a hotel, with very slow WiFi to my radio. The radio site has a cellular CGNATd Internet connect. It worked. I didn’t have time to make any contacts but I could hear audio clearly.


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Thats cool! Thanks for the info!