Coupla suggestions

Hi folks,

Coupla ideas for you.

  1. Could you put some sort of indicator on the main panel that shows when Split mode is engaged? I can see working somebody split and forgetting to turn it off and wondering why I can’t work anyone else (and annoying other people).

  2. The main VFO dial is nice, but not if you’re trying to make fine frequency changes. Most SDR software lets you change frequency by placing the mouse cursor over a digit in the freq display and changing it by rotating the mouse wheel. That would be a welcome feature!

  3. On the CW Sender dialog, would you consider making the Esc key the same as the Stop button? Myself, I find it useful. N1MM Logger uses it to abort CW message in progress.

  4. Not a suggestion. I love the Fixed display option! It’s easier to navigate and still keep track of where you are in the band. With center only display I have to stop to see where I am after I click on a signal.

  5. OK, one suggestion regarding the display. Would you consider navigating the display with a single mouse click instead of a double click?

That’s it. Just a few small things. No deal breakers. :grinning:

Ken Alexander VE3HLS

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Hi Ken,

  1. Check the “LEDs” at the bottom right of the screen. Split mode should cause the LED to split red/green on transmit. But yes, an indicator during receive might be handy too. I’ve been mistaken before as well.
  2. This feature has been implemented in one of our developer branches. It’s everything you’re asking about and more!
  3. Not a bad idea with the escape key. I’ll consider it next time I’m working on that code.
  4. I like fixed better too. Same reasons.
  5. Currently a single click causes the frequency you clicked on to simply show up in the status text, and double clicking takes you to that frequency. I think I like it this way, convince me otherwise :).

Glad you’re enjoying wfview for all these years!

de W6EL