Display too large

The routine drag mouse method for adjusting of screen does not work enough on the Toshiba l305 ubuntu20.04 configuration. How might I reduce/customize the screen display of WFView to my system?Tried Ubuntu display resolution changes to no avail…
I treid to document all the changes I have to get this running on the Toshiba. hOPE I CAN REPEAT THEM ONCE I SHUT DOWN AND RESTART. .
/home/gary/Pictures/Screenshot from 2021-11-13 21-27-20.png

Hi Gary,

wfview should be able to be a good bit smaller in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. I am not sure why it’s coming up as large as it is. You can try some things that may or may not work depending upon your desktop environment – I have had mixed results with ubuntu’s default desktop system:

  1. Hold down ALT and then drag the window with your right mouse button to resize. You do not have to be at the edge or corner for this to work, it will usually work anywhere except dead-center.
  2. Hold down ALT and then drag the window with your left mouse button to move the window. Again, you don’t need to drag it from any specific location so long as ALT is held down.
  3. You can try F11 to force or toggle full-screen mode, it may help the window resize when it comes back.

de W6EL