Dual Watch

It’s great that someone has unmasked the built-in server for these Icom transceivers; opens a lot of possibilities.

I am testing on an IC-7610 and Win 10 (ver 2 of the test app). Everything seems to work except I’ve been unable to get rig control in WSJT-X to function. The virtual com port arrangement works fine in N1MM, but WSJT-X seems to be having issues (making sure not to be using the virt com port on any two apps at the same time).

One other thing: I note audio doesn’t seem to support dual watch at the moment.

Hi Anthony,

Hopefully you will make it over here!

I did most of the testing of rig control on WSJT-X and it seemed to work OK, could you have a look at the log file at the point it isn’t working? If you visit Log file | wfview it will show the various methods of viewing it.

As for dual-watch, by default the audio is single channel. You can change this in Settings/RX Codec. Set to one of the 2ch modes and then you should hear the MAIN RX in left channel and SUB RX in right.

73 Phil M0VSE

Ahh, I thot I had seen something about Codex, but staring at the screen I couldn’t see it! Sad…

I will take a look at the log.

do note that currently there is no dual scope (can be handy for DW too) but it’s on the roadmap.