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I’m pleased with Wfview but here are few features I would see convenient to have :

  1. Emulating VFOs, i.e. memories to recall quickly from the View Board (4 VFOs would be nice at min.)

  2. showing the squelch level on the S-meter indicator as done on the receiver/transmitter

  3. having the frequency on the mouse cursor when hovering on the waterfall or spectrum

  4. having a list of devices to connect (I have apparently to seize the connection information each time, there is no a list of devices I can save ?)

  5. adding a timestamp on the waterfall (just a smal horizontal ticker on the right of the waterfall for instance with a setting showing the time interval between two tickers

  6. beeing able to seize a frequency directly from the view tab (scrolling the wheel on the digit to change for instance or opening a dialog box whench clicking on the frequency. Far more useful than the Frequency tab.

  7. a waterfall averaging function would be great to detect very week signals

  8. multi-device connection : having a connection to several devices within the same instance of the application with a tab per device and the ability to display multidevices on one screen (aside for instance). Would be better than opening several times the app and not beeing able to resize them to fit one screen

  9. memories management (possibly compliant to standard libs like Klingenfuss or other would be an asset)

Thanks for the work done

Hello Stephane,

If you have multiple radios (I assume this is what you are referring to by “devices”), you can set up shortcuts for each radio on your desktop. It simply loads wfview with separate settings for each. This is how I access all of my radios. See our manual for details.

We do support dual scope and dual VFO in V2.

V2 also has a nice frequency widget which you can click and scroll upon in the main view area. For now, just press the star key to bring up the frequency tab and then type in your frequency, hit enter, and it’ll bounce you right back to the main view tab. Can all be done from a numeric keypad. Star, 7.155, enter. That easy. The slash key cycles some common modes too.

For averaging, set the Underlay mode to Average, and then set the Average Undferlay Buffer size rather low. Adjust the colors so that the not-averaged spectrum is dim by comparison, it’ll help. This does not change the waterfall but it does change the plot. Don’t forget to change the Floor and Ceiling parameters to zoom in around the weak signal of interest. You can see some of this in action on the video about version 1.5 on our Videos page.

Full radio memory management is part of V2.

Things we don’t plan for V2, but maybe later:
The squelch over the S-meter is an interesting idea, yes, like the radio.
Time display on the waterfall. Each time we add things to the waterfall it gets very busy. Not sure how to do this without making a mess of it.
Frequency on the mouse cursor: Just click and the bottom status bar shows the frequency. No need to clutter the display with numbers as you move the mouse around.

Thank you for the ideas,

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

Sounds well. When will the V2 be released ?

Stephane F1TJJ

v2 will be released when it is ready :slight_smile:

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