First Impressions, Experiences and Suggestions

Thanks guys for all the work on the project!

My Setup Windows 10 latest update 21H1… IC-7610, LAN connection.

1st try with wfview ver. 1 was not very positive. Some things worked. sometimes and it kept crashing. I gave up for a while, not being very impressed… No idea what the problem was and there was nothing specific I could relate it to.

2nd try - uninstalled wfview, then reinstalled fresh… This time everything worked!

So now I have been experimenting with wfview since the ver. 1 release and everything is working smoothly. The best part of wfview is the simple interface, does not use a lot of resources, better support and updates and of course the price!

For a test I tried wfview on an older Windows 8 tablet (upgraded to win 10) This thing only has an Atom CPU. Other control programs would lock up and quit due to lack of resources. Not the best situation though as for some actions the touch points in windows are too small to easily use in that mode.

At this point I find there are a few things that could make wfview better or more usable.

    • Frequency Tuning - additional ways
      • UP & Down arrows on each side of or in place of tuning knob.
      • Tuning on the spectrum display:
        click and hold on the current signal and dragging with mouse
        click and hold on any part of the spectrum display and dragging with mouse
        [would work much better with touch-pads - think laptop or tablet]
    • Need Tune Button option for tuning external tuners (or amp)
      (Tune Button changes mode to CW at 10 watts when pressed)
    • Option to switch the modulation input on the radio used. (Mic- USB-LAN)
      For example, you had been using the radio in the shack with the local mic selected and forgot to switch to LAN or USB) [This is an option in Win4icomsuite and RS-BA1]

73… Ken - VE5KC


thanks for the feedback. We keep an eye on suggestions and experience reports.

  1. is something we are considering but not directly. Also we need to investigate how that
    would work in the used libraries.

  2. My initial feeling would be that it “should work” already this way as we just “push” tune
    like you are next to the rig. If this indeed is not working, we’ll certainly have a look.
    I cann’t because I never operate external tuners etc.

  3. on the settings tab you can change the input method; is that sufficient ?

I use the built-in tuner in my 7300 and the TUNE button in wfview works the same as if I short-pressed the TUNER button on the 7300.

Thank you for the quick response!

#2 - From my long experience with Icom rigs and external tuners:

Icom has never supported any external tuners other than by using the AH4 tuner connector. A tuner with that type of interface connected to the tuner jack will work fine as does the internal tuner. At the local radio you can use a tuner plug, click-to-tune adapter etc… connected to the tuner jack on the rig and have an ext tune button. but no help on remote. (Yes you can change modes and/or reduce TX power manually but not convenient.)

I should have been more clear on this, I am referring to using a tuner that is not connector to the tuner jack and tunes in response to RF being sent to it. The same would be true of tuning an amplifier. In both cases a carrier must be transmitter for the duration of time required to complete the action. With Win4icomsuite I can use a macro. Not sure how it is done but this is what is used - tune10. (Based on Kenwood codes)

The IC-7610 presents an extra problem as with an ext tuner or tune button connected, that only works on Ant 1. The internal tuner is disabled for Ant 1 but will still work with Ant 2. Using ext tuners you could have one for each ant port. Using remote internet ant switching, you can have tuners on several antennas. The same Tune Button solution will work the same with all antennas.

#3 - My old eyes found those options after sending this message. I will check it out further. The text on the settings tap is a bit small this OM’s eyes. Hi…

BTW>> How about adding a link back to the main wfview page at the top of the forum?

73 - Ken … VE5KC