Freq. Readout "Bouncing".?


Super program.
Using with an R8600

Lately for the first time, the program freq. readout seems to bounce
back and forth every few seconds between the correct freq. and a
different freq. (always the same one).

Specifically the false one is 0.000163

Why, likely ?
Any way to prevent this ?



Please disregard.

It looks like the problem is totally related to CSVULB which I have always
used with WFView.

Looks like an eibi file is “corrupted”, and that was causing the frequency readout bouncing between thew two values when I selected the lookup option in CSVULB.

Always “something”.


if i would knew what that was… help us explain! :wink:

Hi Roeland,

CSVULB stands for CSVUserListBrowser

It’s a truly “great” free program.

You can load it with many different databases, and tune the radio from it.
Lots of other options also.

Also, I use it with WFView. The radio, WfView and CSVUILB all talk with each other very nicely.

If you are not familiar with CSVULV do take a look.
I can guarantee you will like it.

It appears that I had a corrupted eibi file loaded into it, and that was the reason
for the WGFView “bouncing” between the two frequencies.
Re-loaded eibi with a fresh copy, and all well now.

A quick thanks again for all the previous help.

Best regards,