Frequency step of 500Hz

I operate HFPack frequencies and some frequencies use 500Hz increments. CAn you please add 500Hz to the frequency step options?

Thanks Mike N2MS

Hi Mike.

Yes we can do although we are discussing whether it makes more sense allowing people to add their own step sizes as the list is growing ever larger!

73 Phil M0VSE

I also think that for some modes specific sizes do not make sense
like 1Hz for FM, or AM modes. Also some reasonable defaults that are
memorized per mode is interesting to look at.


Any updates on this 500Hz or selectable step size? I do not see this option in the latest 1.2d release.

Thanks for supporting the legacy IC-7000 ans IC-7200 rigs.

Mike N2MS

as we haven’t done logic on the step sizes yet, like defaults attached to modes etc, I added 500 Hz too.