Great while it lasted. No audio after restart

Initially, when I first started it, I had great audio coming out of the headphone jack to my desk speakers. Because the Mac Mini(M1) doesn’t provide a Mic input (Completely baffling. Why would they leave this out??) I plugged in a set of Logitech USB Headphones with a mic. I Shutdown Wfview and restarted it. I had incoming audio but nothing going out when I clicked transmit. I Changed Audio Input and Audio Output to Logitech USB Headset and saved the configuration. Now no audio in or out. Closed Wfview and restarted. No audio in or out. Sigh. It was great while it lasted.

Since receive audio was working before trying to switch to the headset and the only change I made was Audio in and out - I’m at a loss as what to do next. Looks like a common theme.

I am using an IC-7610 directly through the network. Is there an error log or some other step I can take to get this working again?

Thanks – Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug.

It is possible that the Logitech headset uses an unsupported sample rate which may be confusing wfview? wfview does have a sample rate converter which ‘should’ work but I have never tested it with higher sample rate devices (96k/192k).

The easiest fix is to force the headset into 48k (the native sample rate of wfview):

Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup

Select each device and change the format to 2 ch 48.0 kHz. If it has a 16-bit signed int option then that’s even better but it will probably only have 32-bit float.

Then restart wfview and it should work. If not, double check that that you have selected the correct devices within wfview. Don’t forget to click Save Settings when you change anything in the settings page. If not you can also try a reboot of your MacBook.

Wfview also provides quite comprehensive logging via which might help you locate the source of the problem. If not, post the log here and we can have a look at it.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Doug,

Can you verify that under Settings, the Modulation Input is set to “LAN”?

I’d also try what Phil mentioned.

de W6EL

The 7610 is fully on the network. I installed Wfview on a different Windows computer (Version 10 with latest updates) and it worked first time. Using Version 1.1. Audio is outstanding. No problem with transmit audio. Everything works as it should. But I do my usual work on a Mac. So it would be nice to have wfview working there. I’ll try again.
73, Doug – K0DXV