Grid change

Is there a way to extend the grid markers so it will show all grid lines not just every 10kc for example?

Hi Nick,

Currently there is not. But that is a good idea for a feature. We are using an automatic grid right now, but the plotting library does allow for custom grid spacings.

de W6EL

Very good… Now as it stands you see a small tick mark (very hard to see) and would be nice to extend them throughout the spectrum scope.

The plotting library has support for all kinds of interesting formatting options. It’s just a matter of spending a few hours to implement the UI and settings file hooks for each one.

Think of your top 3 and then we’ll make an issue on gitlab.

de W6EL

Off the top, this would be my to do list

  1. Grid change
  2. Have the frequency tab pop out like the setting
  3. Fix the color on the water fall, I looked for the high level color change but could not find it. Its just black on the screen.
  4. Setting tab is not saving selection for color scheme, on restarting it goes back to DARK.
  5. Tune button TX is too long, need setting to adjust break time or shorten it the hard code default…
    Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 7.08.16 PM

Hi Nick,

Pop-out frequency and band tabs are a good idea, I agree.

I’m not sure what the waterfall color issue is, but you can select different waterfall color schemes with the pop-up combo menu on the bottom-right corner of the waterfall display. Maybe try a few other ones and see what you think. The default is “Jet”, but I usually end up on “Spectrum” or “Ion”.

Your fourth issue is a known bug which I think I have fixed in another branch of the code. We will probably push the fix to the master branch this evening. For now, put your favorite colors into the first preset since it is always loading that one.

The ATU tune cycle time is not set by wfview, this is something the radio has to do. I believe it stays transmitting until it gets the SWR below 2:1.

de W6EL