Ham Nation surprise

For those interested, I today watch the latest Ham Nation and saw Jeri Ellsworth being interviewed by Randy K7AGE.

During the segment, she showed off her Linux desktop with the wfview software connected to a ic-7610 with WSJT-X and GridTracker running.

Jeri mentioned it was a little work to get integrated but never actually provided details. 36:45 is when it is talked about.


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Hi Peter,

Do you have a link? The latest Ham Nation youtube video seems to be from ~5 months ago.

Can’t wait to watch it!

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

It took me a while to find, the website seems to stop in 2020?


73 Phil

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Sorry about that. I just assumed that because Josh from HRCC is hosting it now that there would have be more promotion about Ham Nation.

Is this it?

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Hi William,

This is the episode.