Hand Knob Controller Suggestions?


Using with an Icom R8600.
Super program; great.

Would like to use the program/radio with one
of those hand knob controllers that can sit on the desktop.
One example would be the CMD PL-1

Would be a lot easier for me.

Anyone know of a relatively inexpensive one that would work ?
Perhaps in the approx. $ 100 area.


Pignology offers one, but I just tried to see how much and I couldn’t get on. I think they are around $125.

I am working on support for both the Icom RC28 and the Contour (ShuttleXpress ShuttlePro) devices. It is quite far along, just needs some refining.

I’m happy to look at adding support for other controllers but would probably need somebody to send me a test unit before I could commit to anything.

73 Phil M0VSE

Would generic controllers work?
Things like this? Megalodon Macro Knob Pad - Green | Mechanical Keyboards | Components Mechanical Keyboards | Drop

Hi James,

Maybe. I didn’t read carefully to see what the knob does. But as wfview is, right now, it would need to send keystrokes like “+” and “-” when it’s turned.

I wouldn’t get a knob like that just yet.

Macro keypads are pretty nice though.

de W6EL


Customized software can be obtained by requesting it from the shop after purchase.


I have enough problems typing let along doing macro’s. LOL

I was not suggesting that one specificlly, just that HAM radio ‘branded’ items tend to be MUCH more expensive than the same sort of thing you can get from gamming supplies and even some of the cheaper video editing consoles…
I only posted that one because I got an e-mail advertising it either a few minutes before, or a few minutes after(do not remember) reading the e-mail from from wfview about this thread! It was pure serendipity!
I like the look of that one from Aliexpress though you have to be sure and order the one that comes with the keys!

I’m using a Contour ShuttleExpress, for about $60 and it works great!

Hi Aaron,

What is the setup that you are using with the Contour express? Radio? Windows, Mac or Linux?


It will work with any radio supported by wfview and on any operating system, you must be using wfview 1.59 though which is the master branch on github if you are using Linux and the latest weekly_build for Windows. We don’t currently have a public build available for MacOS but 1.60 will be released soon for all platforms.

73 Phil M0VSE