Headless Server on Raspberry Pi 4 (without GUI)


is there someone who managed to install Wfview headless server on Raspberry Pi without GUI?

I would like to install the server part without desktop environment and replace Icom Remote Utility.

Thank you and 73.

IW7DLE Mario

I have had it running for the 7300 here yes. I also know of a project that will use it in a rig that I further cannot tell about yet… So definitely – yes.

It’s more interesting to know if you tried it. It’s officially not supported but the config is pretty simple.

If it talks to rsba1’s UI remotely – that’s one thing I am not sure of. but wfview does

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Hi Mario,

Indeed we have done this, both using the headless version and the GUI version. Both work quite well once you get them setup.

Please have a look at our wfview user manual for howtos. Both headless and GUI version dedicated servers are covered.

de W6EL

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Thanks a lot to both of you…will try it very soon.

It is a very interesting project, congratulations.

Best 73

Mario IW7DLE

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