Help with N3FJP and virtual port setup

Glad i found this program and bulletin board!
I (attempted) setting this and a virtual com port with my N3 logger for my 7300 following a video and totally screwed it up.
Can someone point me to a step by step idiot proof setup so i dont have to reset my com ports and everything like i did last time.

Hi Mike,

I don’t think we have a good “idiot-proof” guide yet. But maybe we can help.

What video did you follow?

de W6EL

If i remember right it was ham radio adventures K0PIR on tube.
I downloaded the VFVIEW and the VSPE emulator.
Thought i was good following but whatever i did it turned the com port on its head. Computer didnt recognize it or it just didnt exist anymore or both. Removed it and reinstalled and got my logging program back n stopped there. Till i could find a idiot proof step process lol

If I recall, the K0PIR tutorial has you split the serial port before wfview. We don’t recommend this method.

If you must use a virtual serial port, use the one built in to wfview so that wfview has a direct connection to the radio and then the virtual serial port goes between wfview and the second program (N1MM logger in your case).

I’m sorry that we don’t have a tutorial for N1MM, but have you read over the manual for wfview? These topics are definitely covered to some degree.

de W6EL

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Ill check all that out brother.
I didnt realize there was one built into the program :+1:
I’m so used to manuals not making sense to me i sometimes forgo them and ask questions :sweat_smile:

To clarify, with windows, you do need to run a program to loopback the serial traffic into the second program. I know, it’s tricky. But wfview has a special virtual serial port to connect to the loopback virtual serial port program and then the logger connects to the virtual serial port.

Definitely have a look at the manual and see if you can fill in the gaps of my description.

Yup understand thanks.
Was looking in the manual and looks well written and easier to understand then most! :+1:

I feel like a complete idiot! I typed N1MM in the title but I use N3FJP logging software :angry:

Im kinda at a stand still again tho. I have my WFVIEW setup and talking to my 7300 I setup my VSPE but when I try to connect my N3FJP don’t want to work together, i followed a step by step setup i found but I’m AGAIN missing something obviously.
When i put the N3FJP on the virtual port and run the test it wont come up with the freq and stuff, it runs something through the readout below the test box but not whats normally there… if i click the send freq to radio button it registered that tho :angry: im getting close to giving up HELP