How many hams use this fine program?

I wonder, how many hams, there has downloaded this program, and whitch Icom tranciver do they have set up for LAN or WAN.
73 Torben

Hi Torben,

While there are only a few hundred users on this forum, I can tell you from the website statistics that thousands of unique downloads have occurred. We also don’t have a reliable way to track how many people have installed it from source, from Arch AUR, or from macports.

From what I can tell, the IC-7300, IC-705, and IC-9700 are the most popular radios. But there are definitely many using the IC-7610 and R8600. As for older radios, I’ve got a lot of questions about the IC-756 Pro III, IC-7410, IC-7000, IC-7100, and IC-7200. I suspect out of this bunch that the IC-7200 and IC-7410 would give the best performance with wfview since they appear to have full-duplex serial communication. I could be wrong though.

Anyone want to vote in a poll?

  • IC-705
  • IC-7300
  • IC-7610
  • IC-7850/7851
  • IC-R8600
  • IC-9700
  • IC-756 (all versions)
  • IC-7000
  • IC-7100
  • IC-7200
  • IC-7400
  • IC-7410
  • IC-7600
  • IC-7700
  • IC-9100

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Hi Elliot,

What about a poll on OS that wvfiew is used on.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

Download stats show around 15% mac, 75% windows, 10% linux. However, the linux figure does not include anyone building from source or using AUR. Mac statistics don’t include macports, although I doubt many users realize it is in macports yet.

Website access statistics are similar, EXCEPT that about half the traffic is evenly split between android and iOS. Hmm!

de W6EL