How to control 7610 using Ethernet Connection

I have wfview working on my iMAC running Big Sur. I am able to use WSJTX 2.3.1 in receive mode. My problem is getting WSJT-X connected to wfview.

I have setup CAT control to port to (the RigCtld port which is enabled). I set the rig to 7610 but it never seems to connect. It keeps complaining of:

Hamlib error: Communication timed out

set_cache_freq: set vfo=VFOA to freq=0

rig.c(1488):set_cache_freq return(0)

rig.c(2030):rig_get_freq return(-5) while getting current frequency

Has anyone been able to get this working using a MAC?

Jim wa6our

Hi Jim,

Does wfview work properly stand-alone? Does it show “IC-7610” in the lower-right corner?


de W6EL

wfview works fine. I have been using it to decode FT8 for days now. I would like to be able to transmit and control the radio from wsjt-x.

Jim - wa6our

IC-7610 does appear in the lower-right corner.

Jim - wa6our

Hi Jim, That’s the problem. To use Rigctld you must set the rig to Hamlib NET rigctl!

73 Phil

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That got it working. I can now control the rig from wsjt-x. However I am having problems routing transmit audio. When I hit tune it triggers the radio but not audio.

I am using the “Loopback” to route my audio.

Thanks for your help.

Jim - wa6our

Never mind. I found the problem. When I set the Modulation Inputs to LAN it started trasmitting.
Again thanks for all your help.

Jim - wa6our