Ic 705 and intern Server

to the Wfview community, if I want to control the IC 705 remotely via Wifi, it is already in standby mode beforehand???! with the internal server! otherwise I won’t wake him up! if I use a Raspberry 4 as a server, the IC 705 can be switched off. have port release everything correct and my IC 7300 works great there. why is that??? is this still a bug??? Vy 73 de Jan-Peter-DL3KVT

Hi Jan-Peter,

I believe if the 705 is in “standby” mode, then yes, you can connect with wfview. You will need to press the button “Power On” in wfview to get it out of standby mode. There is then a mandatory 3 second delay for the radio to fully boot up. You might need to toggle the waterfall on and off and back on in wfview. Make sure you have CI-V Transceive enabled on the radio before hand. It will help.

Let us know if it works,

de W6EL

you need to put the 705 in stby mode yourself. it does not happen all by itself unless you have config’d it first in the 705.

yes, that’s what I almost thought, I was hoping there might be another way to start the IC 705 properly from the “off” modeVy 73 de DL3KVT Jan-Peter

maybe if you solely connect over USB. Now, wifi is not the strongest feature of the 705 but
dropping the scope speed to a speed where you fall asleep… nah. I just keep the 705 charged or fed with 13.8VDC