IC 705 WFview versus PC and Ham radio de luze

I found it very strange, I do have a lot off PSK31 signals on my IC 705, the same on my PC looking at WFview, and only a few PSK31 in my DM 780 Waterfall whitch also is via VBcable.

I have installed a virtuelt VBcable (works perfect) and use it both on DM780 and on WFview. My conclusion is both have the same signal.

Whole my set up and is grounded. It could not be a noise floor or ?

I think it maybe could be DM 780 waterfall there need a adjustment, but where.?

Is the anybody who have a hint in this matter. :thinking:

Hi Torben.

That sounds like an audio level issue. Check the VOL slider on wfview.

73 Phil

Problem solved after i i have install com0com SW. it is absolute great program, but a litle bit hard to manage.
This Null-modem emulator allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs.
I now had Ham Radio de Luze in function 100 %