IC 7100 to remote wsjtx TX frequency shifts

I have just set up a local mini PC and remote MacBook with Wfview connected to an ICOM 7100. With rigctl to connect the remote Wfview on a MacBook to wsjtx. The system is working on FT8, with the received audio being picked up by the MacBook internal microphone, and similarly on transmit. However, when I transmit or press tune on wsjtx, the transmit frequency drops by 1kHz - ie 144.174 MHz → 144.173, and that stays as the subsequent rx frequency for a while - it sometimes recovers, though.The tuning dial on the remote Wfview shows the same wrong frequency, and it can be corrected with the tuning dial. I can’t find whether this is a topic that has been discussed/fixed previously, and havn’t yet been able to fix, so transmitting FT8 is not yet possible.

Hi Tony.

This is a known issue with the IC-7100 and it is related to the way that the USB serial interface is connected internally in the rig allowing only half-duplex communication. This can cause CI-V corruption and lost packets due to the ‘send and forget’ method that wfview uses for CI-V.

There are a few options available to mitigate the issue. Firstly, make sure you are running the latest beta (1.2e) or even better the latest weekly build.

You can also try slowing-down the baud rate that the rig is connected to wfview at, also if you click the ‘polling’ button within settings, radio, tab you can reduce wfview’s polling frequency.

We are working on a better fix for this but it is going to be fairly long term.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll experiment.