IC-7300 no RX Audio

Hi all,

I am using windows with Wfview as a sever,

I have both audio in/out set to USB Codec.

For some reason I can’t get RX audio on any of the clients, audio to the radio works fine though.

Any ideas please?


Check and see if the audio input is set to “USB”. This setting can be accessed under the Settings tab, under Radio Settings, and is labeled “Modulation Input”. You can set it from the client or the server, or even from the radio’s front panel if you’re so inclined.

Let us know if that helps,

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

Yes, can confirm it is set to USB.


Hi Kieran,

I just re-read your post, “no RX Audio”, so duh, it would not be the TX audio setting. Hmm.

What operating system, desktop environment (if any), and version of wfview are you using?


de W6EL

No worries, Elliot.

Glad you asked re: OS.

Reminded me that Windows 11 also had the same issue with FT8.

Got ubuntu and W10 working fine with it.