IC-7300 view screen does not match manual

I have downloaded and installed the IC USB driver and device manager shows Silicon Labs USB to UART for COM3. I have installed Windows V1.1. I am using a USB to Type B printer cable. I turned the radio on and when I connected the cable, I heard the Windows tone for connecting a USB device. Yes I have read the manual.

The software settings screen is a little different from the Getting Started in the manual. Mostly the same but still different. What seems odd to me is in the lower right corner there is a green and a blue dot and the word none. I am assuming this means it does not see the radio.

Apparently I cannot upload an image. I am wondering if my cable might be the problem as printers are normally not bi-directional.

I understand this is a work in process and believe me, I really want it to work but apparently I left my computer savy behind when I retired a couple of years ago. I really need a cook book approach. I remember in the manual that there was a setting and to make sure it was set to positive. There is no positive. Does this mean off or on?

Hi Herb,

USB and USB cables are bi-directional, so don’t worry about this aspect. If you are showing the device is in COM3, then you are probably ok driver-wise, although a windows user can jump in here and tell me otherwise as I could be wrong.

The screenshots are a bit outdated in our manual, and this is simply the nature of us upgrading the software and not re-writing the relevant chapters each time.

Here is a guide for setting up your 7300. In particular, pay attention to the “Unlink from remote”, baud rate, and “CI-V Transceive” settings:

Check those settings carefully and try again. Let us know how it goes. “NONE” means we did not find the radio on the CI-V bus.

de W6EL