IC -735 request for support

I think it is a strange beast…doing a bit of research, apparently it uses 4 byte(?) Words for at least some commands vs standard 5 byte words. I’m sure it won’t be high on the list, but I can hope. I tried to set it up as an IC-736. It connects, but essentially nothing works. Can’t even change frequency from WFview. As usual, thanks for your work, folks!!!
Greg, KC8HXO

Hi Greg,

Indeed the 735 is an odd one. It uses a different format for frequencies (with less available resolution).

You might want to try using flrig and a remote serial port. I think that would likely do the trick. For audio, perhaps a mumble server.

I will keep this rig in mind when we get going with rig abstraction. If it’s not a major hassle then I’ll see if we can support that format.

de W6EL

No worries…yes, FLRIG works FB with the old girl. Have fun!!!
Thanks again,
Greg, KC8HXO