IC-9700 Network Audio

This project looks great, just installed and worked like a charm.
The 9700 doesn’t have a set-up to control the network audio level and the RX audio level I’m getting from the application seems a bit loud and close to distortion levels. It would help to have a set-up for the audio level.
Thanks, keep going with this great idea!

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)
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Hi Max.

On the 9700, go to Menu/Set/Connectors/Mod Input and reduce the LAN MOD Level.

73 Phil M0VSE

This can also be adjusted from within wfview via the ‘LAN’ slider.

73 Phil

Hello Phil,
This is about TX, I’m talking about RX.

Have you tried the “AF” slider in wfview? Or does that just make it quiet and distorted?

de W6EL

Yes, I did. Of course AF doesn’t change the input signal level. On the 9700 the USB audio out can be regulated, unfortunately the network audio out can’t and all this is happening before any software mixer can be applied, therefore it is something which needs to be addressed by the software. RS-BA1 has this control.

Hi Max.

The AF control directly reduces the amplitude of the incoming raw samples that are received from the radio so yes it does change the input signal level. There is nothing else that wfview can do, are you sure that this is the cause of the distortion? What codec are you using? On a LAN connection, I would recommend 16bit PCM (1 or 2 channel). Maybe a recording of the distortion would help us locate the issue?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,
I’m using LPCM 16bit 1CH as codec (PCM is only available at 8 bits in my installation). Sample rate is 48K. I’ll provided a recording as soon as I can get a good one. Please note in my original post I said “a bit loud and close to distortion”, so do not expect 50% of distortion.
Thanks, Max