IC-9700 No Waterfall

I’m able to connect over the LAN to my IC-9700. I hear the noise, I can change the frequency, I can switch ON and OFF the IC-9700, I can send (TX) but I can’t see any waterfall, no S-Meter change, just nothing in the main screen ???

What is not correct in the settings??

Beste 73 de HB9RYZ

Hi Wolfgang,

Please verify:

  • CI-V Transceive is ON on the radio
  • Default CI-V address is set on the radio
  • Nothing is plugged into the USB port
  • Do not manually specify the CI-V address in wfview
  • Do not check the “Use CI-V address as Model ID too” box in wfview
  • What do you see, lower-right corner of the program? “NONE” or “IC-9700”?


de W6EL